David K. | Maryland

I am a loyal GreenView fertilizer user and have been using your product for many years.  What I love about your program is that it is a simple, two application process that truly gives consistently great results! The Fairway Formula Spring fertilizer combines feeding, weed prevention and crabgrass prevention all in one, then in the fall, one application of the Fairway Formula Fall fertilizer, and you're done!  Cost wise it appears to be more expensive, but when you factor in the all the separate steps of other brands, the cost is most likely comparable. The savings in time and the beautiful results are well worth it!

After years of going to select stores to find and buy your product, I discovered your annual program, where you send the product when it is time to apply it in my region.

Again, simplifying my life!  My neighbors admire my lawn, and think that I do all this special work, I tell them about your product, but they still insist on a "lawn Care service" or another brand, neither compares to the results I get! In short, I love your product!