Finches on backyard feeder

Did you know gardening and bird feeding are the top two hobbies in the U.S.? The beauty of your backyard can be enhanced by visits from wild song birds. The sights and sounds of summer would not be complete without the brilliant colors and melodic songs provided by these birds. The flora and fauna in your yard can help attract wild birds and also give them shelter.

Try hanging a few feeders in your yard and filling them with various wild bird foods. GreenView’s sister brand, Lyric Wild Bird Food offers a complete line of all natural and high-energy nutrition for wild birds. Check out our Learning Center for helpful information about attracting and feeding wild birds.

Lyric is also an active supporter of wild bird education. Lyric donates food and resources to Hershey Gardens, The National Aviary and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Lyric is currently sponsoring an American Kestrel Education Program at Hawk Mountain. The sponsorship includes a live kestrel nest cam:

Watch the kestrels at Hawk Mountain.

You can also learn more about wild birds by visiting a nature center in your area. Enjoy the summer by feeding the birds and welcoming their beauty to your yard.