Pay attention to soil nutrition

If your lawn is looking tired or stressed from summer weather extremes here is a tip to rejuvenate it.

Turf Nurture Lawn Restoration Formula

Optimal soil nutrients maximize grass growth, helping it to fill in quicker, so don’t give up on your tired lawn just yet. Test your soil to see what it needs or give Turf Nurture Lawn Restoration Formula a try to help bring it back to life. This special formula is made primarily from natural and organic compounds and provides quick acting repair and renewal for stressed lawns. Think of Turf Nurture as prescription lawn therapy for any lawn that needs a second chance or more than just the basic TLC. With a natural base, Turf Nurture is pet and children friendly. This specialized formula delivers 15-0-7 strength lawn restoration that will reduce lawn stress caused by drought, heat and cold. It promotes increased root growth and vigor after just two weeks, and will show marked visual improvement within four to six weeks. Slow release nitrogen is a key ingredient which releases slowly as it biodegrades into the soil—making it effective over a much longer period of time. There are no surge growth problems with Turf Nurture. It boasts 70% slow release nitrogen makeup and can be applied in spring, summer or fall.