It’s finally summer! All spring you looked forward to backyard barbecues, lounging by the pool, or just enjoying the great outdoors. But the hot summer sun could take its toll on your landscape. Wake up your yard this summer with shade landscaping, simple water features and a little food for all your favorite summer plants!

rose of sharon

Planting additional trees and shrubs can add shade and interest to your backyard. In summer, the vibrant spring blossoms on trees and shrubs turn to plain green leaves. Planting longer-blooming trees, like crape myrtle in the Southeast U.S. or rose-of-sharon in the North, can enhance the visual impact of your lawn, and adding shade can help prevent landscape “sunburn.” As a bonus, you can enjoy the sweet smell, the interesting and varied colors of shade plantings, and a quiet place where you can escape the summer heat.

Your summer shade trees, shrubs, and even your evergreens will thrive when you use our Woodace Azalea & Evergreen Fertilizer. For multi-purpose use, try our Natural Start by GreenView All Purpose Plant Food. This premium homogenous fertilizer provides long-term feeding for foundation plantings, shrubs, ground covers, trees, and roses. Homogeneous granules insure that all nutrients are distributed evenly for any soil and environmental condition.

To further enhance the beauty of your shaded oasis, adding decorative benches, statues, lighting, bird baths and water features can provide a finished look. With so many garden centers and home improvement stores responding to this emergence of homeowner creativity, water “art” can be a spectacular and cooling addition to any landscape design. As a focal point, or background, the sights and sounds of a water feature can provide a peaceful retreat – without leaving the comforts of your home!

So, whether you want to entertain friends or just relax this summer season, by feeding your plants, providing a little shade and a touch of water, you can create your own outdoor oasis.