Here’s a checklist of things to do in the landscape in November:

  • A late fall fertilization program is recommended by county extension agents throughout the country.

    With a late fall application of a high-quality fertilizer, the lawn will establish a strong, deep root system, store nutrients that will carry it through winter, and green up earlier next spring.

    The slow-release nitrogen in GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer is specially formulated for cooler temperatures and wetter weather. The formula also contains a higher percentage of slow-release fertilizer than its competitors.

    GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer, which is phosphate free, continues feeding the lawn until the ground freezes. When the ground thaws in spring, the slow-release nitrogen kicks in again, ensuring a faster green up and healthy lawn. Always read and follow the label directions.

    Find out more information about GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer here.

  • Houseplant growth will slow so apply less fertilizer and water.
  • Move plants closer to windows or to sunnier exposures if plants are dropping leaves.
  • Pot up spring-flowering bulbs with tips exposed to force blooms indoors. Moisten soil and refrigerate 10 to 13 weeks. Transfer to a cool sunny location and allow an additional three to four weeks for blooming.
  • Large leaves allowed to accumulate will smother the lawn and kill the grass. Run over leaves with a mulching lawn mower to chop them into small pieces. Chopped leaves decompose quickly and return nutrients to the lawn.