Summer takes a lot out of the lawn, including the roots of the grass. In summer, grass roots get smaller as the top growth uses its underground reserves to stay alive. An application of fall fertilizer promotes root growth and prepares the lawn as it goes into winter.

seasonal grass root growth

Fall is the most important season for fertilizing the lawn. Turf grasses are about the last plant in the landscape to go dormant in winter and one of the earliest to break dormancy in spring. Most of the plant’s root development occurs in these cooler temperatures.

When it comes to fall lawn fertilizer, the critical ingredient is the type and amount of nitrogen in the mix. Nitrogen is a key element to overall plant health. Nitrogen helps plants stay green, encourages plant cell development, and strengthens roots. However, it moves or dissipates quickly through the soil, which is why slow-release nitrogen is an important ingredient in fall fertilizers. Slow-release nitrogen releases the nutrient in a controlled, steady manner. Because it releases slowly, more of the nitrogen is absorbed by the plant. This is better for the plant and better for the environment.

GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer is a zero-phosphate fertilizer with 59% slow-release nitrogen that promotes quick spring green-up. It also helps make your lawn hardier and ready to withstand the stresses of winter. With improved nutrient absorption, your lawn will be better able to access water to protect against future heat and drought in the seasons to come.

GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer