In addition to crabgrass, dandelions and clover are two of the most common weeds you’re likely to see trying to take hold in your lawn. And, the spring growing season is the best time to control them.

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Crabgrass is best tackled before it emerges from the ground and begins to grow leaves (pre-emergent). Conversely, members of the broadleaf weed family — like dandelions and clover — require a treatment that comes into direct contact with the plant’s leaves, so they must be dealt with, once they’ve made their appearance known (post-emergent).

For a simple spring lawn care routine that requires ONLY ONE APPLICATION for BOTH types of weed control, try GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer in a zero-phosphate formulation! In addition to handling tough weeds like crabgrass and dandelions — it also helps eliminate over 200 additional lawn weed types, as it fertilizes!

And — once you get it on the lawn — you’ll be done for the season because the slow release nitrogen ingredient provides your lawn with controlled, steady nutrition for up to 12 weeks — resulting in thicker, healthier grass. That means no excess growth, and less mowing!

Of course, the best weed prevention is a healthy lawn — tired, worn, uncared-for lawns are more susceptible to weeds, insects, molds and more — so don’t forget the basics:

  • Healthy lawns resist weed germination better than bare, unhealthy lawns
  • Aerate compacted lawns to improve growth
  • Keep your lawn cut, but not too short. Experts recommend an optimum length of 2.5-3 inches.

Find out more about healthy lawn care at GreenView’s Lawn How-To Center.