Want to have a fantastic looking property this year? Follow these simple tips to create a lush, thick lawn and improve your curb appeal.

Neighborhood lawn
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5 Lawn Care Tips to Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal

While it may seem overwhelming to maintain great curb appeal, you can keep it simple with the following tips:

  1. Always mow with sharp blades and in different directions.

Sharp mower blades give a clean cut. Dull blades, however, give a jagged cut that stresses the grass plant and opens it up to disease and insects. You also want to cut your grass in a different direction each time you mow, so one side of your turf doesn’t get longer than the other side.

  1. Keep your lawn well fed.

If you want healthy grass that crowds out weeds, you need to feed it - a lawn needs to be fed to be healthy. Too little or too much, or the wrong kinds of food, provide less than optimum results. A young or new lawn may need a different diet from that of an established lawn. Learn more about fertilizing your lawn in this article.

  1. Don’t let weeds have the upper hand.

If you have a weedy lawn, you’ll find that weeds will choke out healthy grass. Since weeds are inevitable, you need to fight back with quality weed controls. For example, GreenView’s Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer stops crabgrass from germinating as well as stops any crabgrass from popping up for four weeks after germination.

  1. Invest in soaker hoses or a lawn sprinkler.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for soaker hoses or aboveground sprinklers that attach to your garden hose. When you need to water your lawn, this equipment will allow your lawn to get a deep soaking. Don’t forget to set your timer to turn off the water after an hour or so. Remember: your lawn only needs about 1” to 2” of water per week.

  1. Use a sharp edging tool.

An easy way to make your lawn look sharp is with edging! Edging creates a crisp line and definition between your lawn and any walkways as well as landscaped areas.