Together with IBDU®, Meth-Ex 40® and MESA® are time release nitrogen technologies and are the primary components of GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers.

Meth-Ex 40

Meth-Ex is made up of 4 types of nitrogen:

  1. Urea: Provides immediate greening. The amount is just enough to green without surge or excess growth. Listed as "urea nitrogen" on the guaranteed analysis label.
  2. Other water insoluble nitrogen: This is the major component of Meth-Ex. It requires soil microbes to activate it allowing for gradual and efficient release of nutrients to the lawn. Listed as "water insoluble nitrogen" on the guaranteed analysis label.
  3. Hot water soluble nitrogen: This part is activated about 2 months after application to extend the feeding. Listed as "other water soluble nitrogen" on the guaranteed analysis label.
  4. Hot water insoluble nitrogen: This portion can take up to 6 months to release. This makes up less than 10% of Meth-Ex. On the guaranteed analysis nutrient source listing, Meth-Ex is listed as urea and methylene urea. It is listed as "water insoluble nitrogen" on the guaranteed analysis label.

MESA — proprietary ammonium sulfate and methylene urea

For years, attempts have been made to control the release of fertilizer nutrients by coating them with inert plastic coatings. Unfortunately, these coatings add no agronomic value to the soil and are still widely used by other brands of fertilizer. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers contain MESA, which is a unique, patented nitrogen source that combines the color response benefits of ammonium sulfate with the staying power of Meth-Ex 40 methylene urea complex in a single homogenous granule.

MESA provides:

  • Quick response and green-up, generally within 2 days from the ammonium sulfate
  • Long lasting feeding from the Meth-Ex 40 (see previous section on Meth-Ex 40 for importance on guaranteed analysis label)
  • Dark green color from ammonium sulfate
  • No excess growth, because of the slow release properties of Meth-Ex 40
  • Consistent, safe and economical results

On the guaranteed analysis nutrient source listing, MESA is listed as ammonium sulfate, urea, and methylene urea.

How it works

The ammonium sulfate is resinated with superior high-activity Meth-Ex® 40 Methylene Urea. As a result, the release of ammonium sulfate is effectively and efficiently controlled. This provides a consistent, brilliant appearance with virtually no burn potential. So you’re assured great looking lawn. And because there is no artificial or sulfur coating, the granule breaks down completely leaving no residual behind. MESA is the only nitrogen source that offers the synergy of ammonium sulfate and methylene urea in a single particle.