grass roots

Have you ever wondered how golf courses achieve high quality turf? To produce the thickest, healthiest lawn, the world's best turf managers focus on growing deep, dense roots.

What The Pros Know

Pros know a strong root system is the best defense against stress and is essential for grass blade color and rigidity. Quality fertilizer coupled with proper timing and application techniques are critical to grass root establishment and achieving lawn excellence.

Use the Right Fertilizer

The same technologies used on championship golf courses are now at your fingertips. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer contains proprietary slow release nitrogen technologies that provide for even feeding and greening all season long. Slow steady growth promotes a thick, healthy lawn and stimulates vigorous root growth. In addition, you will not experience surge growth, which contributes to root mass decline, thatch buildup and excess mowing.

Spread the Right Amount of Fertilizer

Putting down the right amount of nutrient, at the right time is essential to keeping your lawn healthy and strong. Unlike other products, GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer is uniquely formulated to feed more in the Fall and less in the Spring. This formulation follows the natural growth cycle of grass plants and is based on research conducted by leading universities.

Apply Fertilizer at the Right Time

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer products can be delivered to your home at the optimal time for application. This ensures your lawn grows strong, vigorous root systems and receives the best control of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.