Time release nitrogen is a nitrogen component in fertilizer which is in a form that delays its availability for grass plant uptake and use after application, or which extends its availability to the grass plant significantly longer than a quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

Nitrogen is the main nutrient component of lawn fertilizers. It improves grass growth, health and rich green color. It is important to fertilize the grass plant evenly over an extended period of time. If too much nitrogen is made available to the grass plant at one time, it causes excessive top growth which results in frequent mowing and places the grass under stress. Too much nitrogen can also result in leaching. (Like trying to eat all 3 meals for breakfast.)

The release pattern varies for different nitrogen fertilizer sources. The best quality lawn fertilizers use a mix of nitrogen sources to deliver steady, extended release of the nutrients. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers utilize multiple sources of slow release nitrogen to provide extended, uniform feeding to the grass plant, without generating excessive top growth. Slow release nitrogen sources in GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers include:

  • Meth-Ex 40
  • MESA

For the best lawn results, experts at leading universities recommend at least 30% of the total nitrogen in fertilizers to be from slowly available sources. Tip: Check the fertilizer’s guaranteed analysis to see how much of the nitrogen in the fertilizer is slow-release and how long it will "feed" the lawn.

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